We are always so thrilled to hear from parents, here’s what you have been saying:

We are writing to thank you for the excellent Preschool child care services you provided for our daughter Geneveve over this summer

We truly could not think of a better preschool to have used for Geneveve’s specific needs.

You are well organized, have very effective and well trained staff, and are great child care providers

The summer themed activities and games that Miss Lisa and the staff created for the children are a constant source of amazement for me.

 The   daily efforts Lisa makes teaching her kids is clearly evident It is unbelievable what Lisa  can do with corn syrup and food coloring, not to mention the many other projects Geneveve has enjoyed making.

 Every week Geneveve brings home her latest batch of projects and shows them off to everyone. She is really proud of the work she does and so am I.

A significant portion of her artwork is proudly on display throughout the house and the progression in her abilities is astounding. Beginning with simple brightly colored scribbles moving through barely legible letters, to (reasonably) neatly printing her name!

We know that Geneveve is being well taken care of and is more confident in herself and her abilities

 I would hope, and will help to let more people to know that there is such a great agency exists.

Tiny Explorers high standard child care services have been wonderful to Geneveve and we are so grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this amazing Preschool.


The Melanson family

“I have been involved with Jenn Ward as a preschool director over the course of the last four years.  As a parent of two children under her care, it has been a very rewarding experience for both of my children as they developed their gross and fine motor, language, cognitive and social/emotional skills.  And while these are measureable benchmarks of any preschool, Jenn Ward and her team of caring teachers work with the children in a way that is so nurturing and loving, followed with an appropriate amount of discipline.  My children have both grown to be independent, confident individuals who are well prepared for elementary school and life.  I know they will look back on their time in preschool fondly.
I remember the warm reception we received when we came to see the school for the very first time and how the teachers cried at my daughter’s graduation ceremony.  While I expected there to be some tearful moments with her moving on, what I did not expect was that this school would become a part of our family.  Now that my son has just graduated as well and our family’s preschool days have come to an end, I am sad that this time is over and know that I will miss each and every one of the teachers who have left an indelible mark on my children’s hearts.”
 Thank you,
“The staff at Tiny Explorers preschool is unbeatable! I transferred my son to their location when it opened from a former preschool the staff used to work. The staff is patient, attentive to the children and makes everyone, both the children and the parents feel like home. This is the first preschool I have taken my son to and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. The communication with the staff is superb! I can call or text the teachers anytime and they are very understanding when things come up. My son learned so much and was ahead academically because of the individualized attention my son received. The teachers are extremely passionate and love their jobs and kids. You can tell they are not in the business for the money. I would encourage any parents who want to learn more about my experience as a parent who worked with the staff to contact me. You will not regret your decision to put your child in the hands of this team!”
~Clementine (mother of 3 year old boy)

“Words cannot adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for the incredible job Ms. Jenn Ward and the Tiny Explorers staff and teachers have done with our son and his preschool education.  Our son is now four years old and we are very sad that this will be his last preschool year with them.  We can say that if you are looking for a warm, nurturing environment and want your children to flourish and have a strong  educational foundation, Tiny Explorers is the right place for you! The teachers are exceptionally dedicated and talented at helping children develop at their own pace.  We are so thankful and we highly recommend. “

 Nancy ~ (parent of 4 yr. old)

“I am so happy to say that the staff at Tiny Explorers has taught all three of my children at some point in their preschool education. I was always so impressed with the curriculum and philosophy of Jenn Ward as director that I included summer camps to our schedule for as long as they were age eligible.  My main expectation of preschool has always been social development and I am grateful that Jenn, Evelyn, and Lisa fostered good skills they need for life- not just kindergarten!”

 – Jennifer Russell


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